Our Product

We place a lot of importance on how the materials we use are sourced – looking to keep the quality high and striving to do so in an as sustainable manner as possible.  Most artisan communities source the raw materials themselves and we are kept aware of these processes. The linen for our products is woven in Bangalore, India by a supplier known to us who sources his flax from France and Belgium.

Our pieces are all hand crafted in quite simple settings. While the majority of pieces meet our stringent quality checks it happens that some pieces are either imperfect in design or stitching or maybe arrived with stains. These pieces we upcycle. We are currently working with an organisation in Zürich which provides a job training program for asylum seekers. Using our fabrics they are working on prototypes for their own line of accessories. All proceeds from their sales are re-invested back into the program. More details coming soon.

There are many different aspects that go into creating a product, starting at the very early design stage. We always make sure to use high quality material and also pay our artisans fair wages for sampling and production. On top of this we need funds for marketing and running our business. We make sure to always be fair with our margins and because we sell directly to you, we can ensure lower markups than traditional retailers.  

All of our products are entirely handmade and we ensure that the artisans are paid fair wages, not only for production but also for sampling. Our artisans are paid up front for the pieces they make for us. This means the cost to us is already high and as we aim to offer you luxury products at a fair price, our mark-ups are low.

We therefore do not offer general discounts. However, we do let you “choose your price and determine your impact” for products we have produced too much of. We offer this option, together with other year-round surprises to our community. Sign up to our newsletter to join:

If a product is sold out, please sign up to our waitlist. We regularly work on re-stocking items, however as our pieces are all hand made and shipped from afar, this can sometimes take some time. You will be the first to know when the new pieces are arriving.

Product Care

Dry cleaning recommended. Use paper towel or a clean white cloth to absorb any stains as soon as they occur. Do not rub or spot clean as this may cause discoloration.

Placemats: No one wants to have to dry clean placemats so we've made sure ours are washable.  We recommend using a mild detergent and warm water (40°) in the gentle cycle of your machine. Pull slightly to shape and line dry. In order to make life easier iron when damp.

Napkins:  Follow the same instructions as for placemats. The napkins can be washed at a warmer temperature, but preferably not exceeding 60 °C

Coasters: Follow the same instructions as for the placemats and napkins. To absorb red wine stains, sprinkle salt or sugar over the stain and wash as soon as convenient.   

The baskets can be rinsed to rid them of dust or stains. Please ensure that they dry thoroughly before storing them to avoid mold.

Should your baskets lose their shape they can be dampened and coaxed back into shape with gentle stretching.



Regular vacuuming on the low suction setting of your vacuum cleaner will ensure that dust doesn't settle into the fibers. Do not use the rotary carpet brush which comes with many vacuum cleaners as this may cause the yarn to fuzz. Use the floor tool instead. If you do get stains, do not rub as this will cause the stain to be pushed into the carpet and the fibers to mat.

Blot stains as soon as possible with a clean white towel or a thick pad of paper towels. Scoop up any solid pieces first and then, pressing down with the heel of your hand, repeat the blotting action using dry towels until all the liquid has been absorbed.

Spot clean

Mix your own spot-cleaning solution by diluting a few drops of clear hand-dishwashing soap in water. Blot on the stain with a clean white towel and rinse as below.


Mist the area with clean water, or blot it with a wet towel. Then blot area with a dry towel. Repeat these two steps until no more residue comes out.

Dry cleaning is otherwise recommended.  Be sure to choose a dry cleaner with experience in cleaning wool rugs.

We recommend dry cleaning the yak wool pieces, but they can also be machine washed in the wool cycle of your machine.

Using a mild detergent meant for wool please place the yak wool pieces in a laundry net and wash in cold water. Line dry. If needed iron on the wool setting.

These linen pouches can be washed in the gentle cycle of your machine at 30° centigrade. Use a laundry net for extra protection of the tassels. The inside liner can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth as needed.

Line dry and if necessary iron on a low setting.

These 100% cotton shawls can be machine washed cold on the gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent and to avoid tangling, place the shawls in a laundry net.

Line dry. If needed iron on the cotton setting.

The Artisans

Finding talented artisans communities and building up relationships is one of the most time consuming, but also the most rewarding part of our business. We find our groups based on word – of – mouth recommendations, a lot of research and through networking with industry professionals.

Often the artisan communities we partner with have formed a cooperation or organization. We make our payments directly to these official groups. As we know the artisans ourselves we can trust that the money reaches them – this is also reflected in the artisans' continued interest in being part of the cooperation.

Each of our pieces is entirely handcrafted from start to finish – meaning it can take days or even weeks to complete a piece.

Helping employ artisans in their indigenous communities brings lots of benefits to the individuals, their family and their community. We speak about these in our blog post here and also on our website under Our Impact.

In addition to the fair wages paid to the artisans, we also launched the 10% Initiative in 2018. This means, that 10% of all our sales will be invested into a separate fund with which we will help finance projects together with the artisan communities. You can read more about this initiative here.

About Us

Throughout the year we host various Pop Ups and take part in trade shows both in Switzerland and occasionally in other international locations. Keep checking our Events page or sign up to our newsletter so you know where to find us. You can also follow us on social media for all updates.

For now we are online only – so send us an email to info@arthacollections.com or write us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

We are a mother and daughter team that have built this business from the ground up. Learn more about us here. 

What started with a simple relationship between Catherine and an artisan group in southern India has become a business focused on creating high quality hand made goods and supporting artisan communities we partner with. Read about how it all started here.


Not to worry, we would be happy to help. Send us an email at info@arthacollections.com with your enquiry or a picture of your space and we will be happy to send you some tips.

We are also happy to organize a video call to show you our products in more detail. Just get in touch!

We would love for you to join our community and we promise we will not send you daily or weekly spam emails. Instead you will:


Have access to the “Determine your Price, Determine your Impact Page” Receive year - round surprises Always be the first to know when our new collections are launching Always know when and where our next event will take place Receive a monthly round-up of all the activities that are happening here at ARTHA

We do offer gift cards, starting at a value of CHF 50. Please get in touch with us: info@arthacollections.com We will soon make these available online as well.

Shipping & Returns

We ship within Switzerland, to the EU, USA, Canada and other international countries. 

Shipping and returns within Switzerland are FREE. 

Please see our more detailed Shipping & Returns sections for more information in regards to all other countries. 

We ship all of our products using the Swiss Postal System and it’s shipping partners.

Shipping within Switzerland: We will pack and ship your order within 3 business days. You can expect your package to arrive within 2-3 business days from the shipping date. VAT will be added at checkout.

Shipping and returns within Switzerland are FREE.

Shipping to the EU (**selected countries)We will pack and ship your order within 3 business days. You can expect to receive your order within 3-5 business days from shipping date. The shipping cost based on the final weight and including applicable duties will be applied at checkout. The prices for our products are listed prior to the addition of VAT. Applicable VAT and customs or import duties as well as handling fees may be charged once the parcel reaches your country. These charges must be paid by the customer.

EU orders over CHF 550 ship for FREE

**Includes Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Sweden 

Shipping to the USA and Canada: We will pack and ship your order within 3 business days. Your products will be shipped priority shipping and will arrive within 4-8 business days from shipping date. The shipping cost will be calculated at checkout based on the final weight of the order. Customs or import duties as well as handling fees and taxes may be charged once the parcel reaches your country. These charges must be paid by the customer.

International order over CHF 550 ship for FREE

Depending on size, it could be that we have to ship your products in more than one parcel.

Within Switzerland: The prices for our products are listed prior to the addition of VAT. VAT in Switzerland is 7.7% and will be applied at checkout. 

Shipping to the EU: Products shipped from Switzerland into the EU are subject to VAT and to import duties. These charges must be paid by the customer.

Other international destinations: Customs or import duties as well as handling fees and taxes may be charged once the parcel reaches your country. These charges must be paid by the customer. We are not responsible for any customs and import duty charges.  The duties will vary by country and we suggest that you check with your local post office.

If you have any more questions about customs and import duties send us an email: info@arthacollections.com

Yes you can! Artha Collections aims to always provide high quality goods that are fault free and undamaged. On occasion however items may need to be returned. Returns are to be made within 10 business days of receipt

See our detailed Shipping and Returns section for more information.