Paying Fair Wages to Artisans - Artha Collections
Fair Wages

It can take weeks to complete one of our pieces. And for this work we pay our partners fair wages above the established norm. We always pay for sampling and we never push down prices.

Using High Quality Materials - Artha Collections
Only the Best Materials

We use only the best quality raw materials, textiles and finishing to complement the incredible handwork.

Social Business - Artha Collections
Social Production Partners

We work with on the ground production partners that are also social businesses.

Ethical Supply Chain Management - Artha Collections
Transport & Duties

Our supply chain is complex and shipping, taxes and duty costs all add up. We are always looking to optimize our supply chain and will pass on any savings to you.

Paying Fair Wages and Keeping Fair Margins - Artha Collections
Fair Margins

We sell directly to you so that we can eliminate the costs of the middle man, and keep our mark ups below the retailing norm.