4 tips for setting your table with neutral hues and natural materials from Artha Collections

4 tips for setting your table with neutral hues and natural materials

Every year when Spring begins and Summer is not far behind we all feel the coming of something new. Leaves begin to appear, flowers bloom and before you know it it's time to bring out the grill and set the tone for casual entertaining.  Whether just for yourself, an intimate dinner for two, or a larger crowd here are our four design tips to creating your perfect table setting using neutral and natural elements.
Hand spinning cotton thread  for Artha Collections

The importance of handmade - From our perspective

The importance of handmade for us at Artha Collections - It comes down to one thing:  The central common thread is people. The artisans and everyone we've  gotten to know and rely on throughout  our entire supply chain and right down to you:  Our customers and supporters of what we do and stand for: High quality handmade home decor pieces created in collaboration with artisans to support their traditions and contribute to creating a sustainable lifestyle for them - Products with a Purpose.
The making of hand woven cotton jamdani shawls by Artha  Collections

Product Focus: Jamdani Shawls

Our handwoven 100% cotton Jamdani shawls are truly versatile!  They add a touch of color to your summer outfit and can be used in a number of different ways: Draped over your shoulders on a cool night out or to protect you from the sun.

What makes Jamdani special is the supplementary weft technique applied to create the design. It is a lengthy process requiring a high level of patience and skill and watching these artisans working on their handlooms and pausing the weaving process every few seconds to separately weave each line of our motifs into the shawls, is truly captivating. Find out more and watch the video!

Hand embroidery by artha collections

Meet Vaidesh - An Honest Interview with a talented artisan

Meet the makers - An interview with Vaidesh - An artisan working with  one of Artha Collections' artisan partners on the embroidered home decor and personal accessories collections. When we received our latest order from The Hand Embroiderers of Tamil Nadu we were really happy with the clean and efficient way in which it was done. We learned that Vaidesh, a young artisan slowly taking on more and more responsibilities within the association had led the production from start to finish. We wanted to sit down with her and ask some questions about her life within and beyond the community.