4 tips for setting your table with neutral hues and natural materials

April 12, 2021

4 tips for setting your table with neutral hues and natural materials from Artha Collections


Every year when Spring begins and Summer is not far behind we all feel the desire for something new. Leaves begin to appear, flowers bloom and before you know it it's time to bring out the grill and set the tone for casual entertaining.  Whether just for yourself, an intimate dinner for two, or a larger crowd, here are our four design tips to creating your perfect table setting using neutral colors and natural elements.


1. Work with neutral colors

Neutral colors are calming and at the moment very trendy.  We like them  for the opposite reason: Because as classics they never go out of style, they are easy to combine with other colors and because they provide the perfect backdrop for the details! 


Linen napkins folded by Artha Collections


Linen placemat and napkins from Artha Collections



2. Use quality table linens

Linen is our fabric of choice because it's sturdier than cotton and will hold up well through many, many washes, even at a higher temperature setting!  Make your guests feel extra special by using one of our hand embroidered linen napkin designs. Place the napkin either traditionally folded to the left of the plate, layer it under the appetizer plate or get creative and use napkin rings such as those pictured here, hand woven out of banana fiber. For a touch of color tuck in a sprig of herbs or seasonal flower. Thyme and rosemary have a lovely scent. Dried flowers work well here too!


Cream linen napkin by Artha Collections Cream linen napkin in napkin ring from Artha Collections 


 A super practical and pretty alternative to placemats is a table runner. They're a great option when setting a table for two or four. Place them across the width of the table and when you're not using them as part of your table setting run them down the center of your table and add a vase of flowers or your favorite centerpiece


Table setting with linen table runner from Artha Collections


3. Add layers for interest. 

Use a charger under the plates for an additional touch of interest. They provide contrast to your plates and in the case of these hand woven banana fiber pieces they give you the natural textural element. Chargers are a useful investment, as they can also be used on their own as placemats and work well on a round table.  Use them to add a contrasting layer under under your plates and to protect your table or tabelecloth.


Table Decor ideas from Artha Collections


4. Keep the centerpieces low

Add small vases of seasonal flowers, but be sure not to overwhelm. You want conversation to flow and for your guests to be able to see each other over the centerpiece. The same applies to using candles. Keep them low and avoid scented candles on the table as the scent will distract from the taste of the food. 


Cream hand embroidered table linens from Artha Collections


You're done!  You've set the mood with a simple and creative table setting and all that's left is to bring out the food and drinks! Your carefully prepared dishes will be sure to stand out on this neutral background and you will have created a beautifully welcoming and cozy setting for your guests.