Petal Napkin Set - beige

Handmade in Tamil Nadu, India


    Crafted by the Lambadis of Tamil Nadu

    A small petal motif from The Petal Placemat is embroidered in one corner of each piece in this napkin set. These can be beautifully paired with The Petal Placemat for a completely styled table or used with other sets to add a touch of elegance. More table setting ideas can be found on our Design Inspiration pages.

    While the design and technique are the same, each artisan has her own way of applying each stitch, making each piece unique in its own special way.

    The Lambadi artisans are part of a group of around 50 women. Each woman works out of the comfort of her own home, allowing her to maintain a work-life balance.

    ** Sold in a set of 2, 4 or 6


    • Sold in a set of 2, 4 or 6
    • Size: 45cm x 45cm / Approx. 18" x 18" 
    • Color: Beige with cream embroidery.  Also available in cream with beige embroidery
    • 100% linen with cotton hand embroidery 
    • Each piece can vary slightly due to its handcrafted nature


  • We recommend using a mild detergent and warm water (up to 60°) in the gentle cycle of your machine. Pull slightly to shape and line dry. Iron on the linen setting.