Bedroom Decor Ideas for Winter Warmth

January 27, 2018

Bedroom styling with throw pillows from artha collections

Winter Bedroom Decor Ideas by Artha Collections

As the winter chill approaches, we can't help but enjoy the warmth of our own home. We're taking advantage of the cozier moments - spending Sunday mornings reading in bed, taking our time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and slipping out for a quick walk in the crisp winter air. 

These "nesting" moments are perfect for reflecting and coming up with fresh ideas and motivations for the new year. They also have us thinking about how we can change things up around the house. 

We are always putting together new looks. This time around, we are focusing on bedroom decor ideas for the winter home.  Once again, we worked with the talented Holly Marder from Avenue Design Studio who managed to perfectly put together this moodier take on a winter bedroom using a variety of our artisan made goods. 

4 Winter Bedroom Decor Ideas & Tips  

1. Use Darker and Moodier Linens for a Cozy Look

The winter time is a beautiful contrast of dark tones on a white canvas. We played with hues of brown, orange, and green to create the perfect cozy look on a canvas of white and grey.


Bedroom styling with pillows from Artha Collections


2. Play with the Textures and Accents 

For these bedroom decor ideas, we added textured accents like woven blanket baskets to bring a multidimensional modern look to the space. We also added a grey and white rug to add a hint of contrast to the darker linens. 


Bedroom decor from Artha Collections

3. Decorate with Indoor Plants

It might be cold out, but that doesn't mean you can't brighten up the space and freshen up the air with some evergreen indoor plants. Get one for your bedside for a hint of natural inspiration. Indoor plants do best next to window, so try to play with space and placement. Use one of our woven planters for your indoor greenery to add a textured accent. 


Cozy bedroom by Artha Collections


4. Change Up Those Throw Pillows 

The easiest and most inexpensive way to give your space a twist is with decorative toss pillows. These are a great way to mix things up and add new pops of color to your bed. For this look, we were inspired by the changing colors of trees and the hues of freshly fallen snow. Our Peacock Throw Pillows are elegant and easy to decorate with. 


Colorful throw pillows by artha collections
Peacock design decorative pillow from Artha collections

All pictures are taken by Holly Marder from Avenue Design Studio