Bedroom Design: Styling Ideas for Three Different Looks

November 02, 2017

Bedroom styling ideas with handmade pillows by Artha Collections


Bedroom Design: Styling Ideas for Three Different Looks

It is normal that every now and then we are in need of changing up the look of our interiors – whether it be an entire home or just a certain space such as a living room or a bedroom. We thought we would share just how easily this can be done using a couple of our key pieces. Let’s start with some bedroom design!

Start with the basics you love and can keep for years such as side tables and a comfy bed. Once you have the basics, all you need to add are some easy accessories: pillows, throws, decorative objects, and maybe even an area rug.  

In our bedroom design example we started with a neutral base of furniture and linens in shades of beige, brown and cream. By adding groups of different accessories to this space, we set out to create three different looks:

1) A fresh evergreen look 

2) A year-round look in blue 

3) An edgy neutral look in beige, black and cream


Plain bed with beige linen bedding


Bedroom Design Look 1: The Evergreen Room

Mixing up pillow designs, but focusing on beige and greens makes our first bedroom design soft, but graphic. We added in a couple of baskets to bring some natural elements. Our bulb basket is a favorite because it is the perfect vase for your favorite indoor greenery. We tie everything up with our Thato Rug – a perfect soft wool rug to step on when you first get out of bed each morning. 

Colorful pillow styling by Artha Collections
Hand embroidered linen pillows by Artha Collections
Bedroom styling with linen pillows by Artha Collections



Bedroom Design Look 2: The All-Season Room

You can never go wrong with shades of blue and when we mixed these with soft hues of beige, we manage to create a perfect look for any time of the year. Notice that we only switched out the throw pillow coversfor this look -- something you can easily do in your own space. We also added a soft yak wool shawl to bring the look together. Not only does it add a bold color block to the bed, but it is also the perfect piece to keep you warm and cozy throughout the year.


Styling with blue pillows by Artha Collections
Mix and match bedroom styling ideas by Artha Collections
Triangle design pillow by Artha Collections
Square shaped linen pillow by artha collections




Bedroom Design Look 3: The Edgy, but Neutral Room 

Crisp, graphic, modern, cozy. We love the neutral tones of this look and how the designs and textures speak for themselves. Our Chevron Throw Pillow in black makes a bold statement when surrounded by simpler designs. We paired it with our graphic handwoven karakul wool rug to tie the whole look together. By playing with shapes, both subtle and strong, we were able to create a room that is as simple as it is bold. 

Karakul wool runner rug in bedroom styling by artha collections
linen pillow decor by artha collections
banan fiber handwoven basket vase by arthacollections