4 Creative Ideas for Decorating with Rugs

September 26, 2017

Styling with area rugs by artha collections


4 Creative Ideas for Decorating with Rugs 

An Easy Way to Create an Impact

Our rugs are designed to make an impact. Not only does each rug make a positive social impact on the weavers who carefully craft each piece, but their unique style makes a design impact on your space. Rugs add character and dimension to any room. We can't think of anything cosier than a soft rug under our feet when we first get out of bed in the morning.

From using rugs at the foot of our bed, to using them to style our living room, here are some of our favourite style ideas with our hand woven area rugs. By pairing each rug's distinct pattern with home decor accessories, we hope to inspire you to play with your space. 

4 Ways to Decorate with Area Rugs

1. Enhance Your Reading Area

What better way to complete a reading area than with a medium size area rug? - Not only does it add texture to the space, but it also doubles up as a comfortable surface to lie on while reading your favourite novel or browsing through magazines - and sipping on a latte.


 2. Under the Coffee Table

A rug under a coffee table is a must to create a cosy and finished look. On tiled or stone floors, they bring in a huge element of warmth. On wood floors, they add texture and really pull the space together. We love how rugs add so much character to a space - keep the design light for an airy feel or add some graphic patterns for a statement look. Use a larger piece to define the space and consider layering as a decorative touch.





3. Bedside Softness and Warmth

As we mentioned, there is just nothing better than stepping onto a soft, hand woven area rug first thing in the morning. Our more narrow runners fit perfectly along the sides of a bed and immediately soften up your bedroom oasis. By decorating with rugs, you can easily add the perfect texture to your bedroom.



4. Decorate that Nook

We all have that one space that seems a bit empty in a home. Consider decorating the space with a side table, add your favorite books or magazines, and a few other special pieces. Top it off with a small area rug and you have a space that looks polished, not forgotten. Now you've made a lackluster corner come alive!