February 02, 2020




In January 2020 we made a contribution to My Climate to partially offset our carbon footprint. My Climate is a Swiss non -profit organization and a recognized leader in voluntary quality carbon offsetting measures. The projects which they support reduce emissions by replacing fossil fuel sources with renewable energies and by implementing energy-​efficient technologies. 

Where is our contribution going?

Our contribution is in direct support of a biogas project in Karnataka, India. This region in Southern India is where we produce our block printed pieces as well as our banana fiber products

Biogas plants convert waste materials such as cow dung and kitchen wastewater into gas to be used for cooking.


Have a look at this short video for more information.


What does this mean?

Women and children are traditionally tasked with gathering wood for cooking. By eliminating the need for firewood women have more time to look after their families and the children more time for their studies.

It also means that the local forest environment remains intact and, as gas is a clean source of fuel, it means  less indoor pollution, lowering the number of cases of lung disease. Not only that: The by-product from the biogas plant is used as a fertilizer replacing the need for costly and damaging chemical fertilizers and leading to an increased harvest yield of 40-50%.

By the numbers:

Our contribution resulted in

  • 17.48Tons of CO2 compensated
  • 13.3 tons of wood saved protecting 0.3 hectars of forest
  • Per biogas plant built a family of ca. 3-4 people have enough energy to manage their household, animals and land 

The project meets 11 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN in 2015! 

Why did we decide to make a contribution to My Climate?

Transportation is an essential part of every business including ours.  We try to manage our carbon footprint by minimizing the number of trips necessary to bring the different parts of our productions together, and by working with shipping partners who integrate environmental considerations into their shipping solutions, but this is not enough.  As it's not possible for us to precisely measure our emissions throughout the year and compensate as we go, we decided on a one time carbon offsetting contribution.  By supporting the biogas project we help to promote climate protection and greater sustainability in Karnataka, India.

Every small step makes an impact!  Find out more about My Climate and how to manage your carbon footprint here and here