2021- Our Social Impact Beyond Fair Wages

January 06, 2022

2021- Our Social Impact Beyond Fair Wages


As we look back on 2021 we see a year of many challenges on many levels. Self care became more and more important as globally we found ourselves confronted with issues we thought we'd never have to face. This not only in caring for ourselves but, even more important, in caring for the community. Our thanks go to you, our customers who allowed us to continue supporting our artisans with new orders over this past year.

Your orders not only allow us to give the artisans work, they also contribute to the well being of their families and communities and to keeping craft traditions alive. In many cases, part of the price which we pay to the artisans goes into their own reserves which they manage themselves and which are used to support the artisans within their community should they come upon a hardship and as savings for their retirement.

In addition, we commit to giving back a portion of sales each year and in 2021 our contributions went to: 

  • A GoFundMe campaign raising funds for Jacobs Well. Jacobs Well is an international fair trade fashion production house transforming the lives of India's urban poor through sustainable employment and personal development. They've been essential contributors in the past as we worked with their team to stitch several of the products in our collection including our block printed pouches.
  • On a more local scale we held a sample sale early in the year together with Schön und Recht and donated a percentage of the proceeds to Schweizer Tafel, a Swiss-based organization working hand in hand with supermarket chains to turn what would have been food waste into food for the needy. They work with and for a variety of institutions across Switzerland. In early December we held a one week event where 5% of profits went to further our contribution to this organization. 

In addition to monetary contributions we're also working to establish ongoing relationships with local organizations which help differently-abled people learn new skills. This has taken the form of donating fabric from some of our less than perfect pieces for their own internal projects to finding uses for this fabric for some design prototypes for Artha Collections. 

As we begin 2022 we will continue to be motivated and focused on the "why" of what we do. Creating and bringing you high quality, timeless design with a greater purpose.