Chinta Throw Pillow -Blue

Handmade in Tamil Nadu, India

Beyond fair wages, 10% of proceeds are re-invested into the artisan communities that make your product

  • Crafted by the Lambadis of Tamil Nadu

    To design these pieces we took closer look at some of the older Lambadi pieces we've seen over the years and at the traditional designs the artisans produce today. These geometrical designs can be found on the clothing and accessories of the Lambadi tribes we work with. Created in shades of blue and tan the jewel-like tones on this throw pillow will add a splash of color to any space. 

    We only made these pieces in two different colors and shapes. Perfect on their own or together as a set.

    It takes a several days to complete each piece. While the design and technique are the same, each artisan has her own way of applying each stitch, making each piece unique in its own special way.

    The Lambadi artisans are part of a group of around 50 women. Each woman works out of the comfort of her own home, allowing her to maintain a work-life balance.

    ** Sold with or without a cruelty-free down insert

    • Size: 30cm x 50cm / Approx. 12" x 20"
    • Color: Cream linen with blues and tans
    • 100% linen with cotton hand embroidery. This piece has inside lining to protect the embroidery and is backed in cream linen. A bottom concealed zipper is used for closure.
    • Sold with or without a cruelty-free down insert
    • Each piece can vary slightly due to its handcrafted nature


  • Dry cleaning recommended