Jamdani Shawl - Pink - Sale

Handmade in West Bengal, India

  • Crafted by the Jamdani Weavers of Bengal

    This cotton shawl is a true treasure, made using an extremely time consuming and intricate weaving technique called Jamdani. As the traditional handloom weaving takes place, each design motif is added separately by hand.

    Handwoven with care, our pink Jamdani Shawl wrap is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It's intricate design brings elegance to any outfit. Take this piece with you anywhere, regardless of the occasion or season. 


    • Size: 100cm x 200cm / Approx. 39” x79” 
    • Color: Cream with pink and gold accents
    • 100% cotton with pink cotton and gold metallic thread
    • Adorned with pom poms on both ends
    • Pictured on model 1.66 meters tall
    • Each piece can vary slightly due to its handcrafted nature


  • Hand wash cold recommended, or machine wash in the gentle cycle