Looking Back - Our Journey so Far

December 21, 2015

Artha Collections - Our first year

December 2015

2015 has flown by for us!  Our first full year spent carrying out our vision has been busy and exciting. Producing our first collection while perfecting our working model, discovering new types of craft and other artisan groups, and setting up a production plan for the year to come have all been part of the milestones achieved this year. Having our new website in place so that we can share more of our experiences with you and allow you to purchase our products directly from us, is the perfect reward to our first year working on building up Artha Collections. 
So much has happened since 2011 when Catherine first travelled to meet the artisans in their tiny villages in Tamil Nadu. Had she not started developing her relationship with the first artisan group, believing in their craft and their potential and remaining supportive of them by producing, buying and selling their products over the next few years, Artha would never be the company it is now. 
Looking back, it's been challenging and inspiring to work with new cultures, travel throughout India, design our collections and spend so much time with the artisans themselves. Of course not everything always comes easy, but we remain so grateful for all of our experiences and have learned so much! We look forward to using all we've gained this past year to help us tackle our second year together just as well. 
We already have some beautiful new products in the pipeline- from different regions in India as well as from other craft rich regions around the world, which we'll be revealing to you in the months to come. As we continue to grow we'll stay true to our vision : working with artisans as our partners and making you part of the equation by sharing our experiences, stories and various craft traditions with you.


Claire and Catherine