January 29, 2019


We at Artha are welcoming a new year and with it a set of new intentions - making 2019 a year in which we do things even better - both from a business and a personal point of view: Taking time to think about where the products we buy come from, who made them and what was the impact on our planet of the production process. In decorating this means finding pieces with a story and a positive impact. Through the work we do together with our artisan partners we are able to see all of the ways in which supporting their craft has brought them economic and social gainsThis makes us even more motivated to help you decorate your home with artisan made pieces, each one with its own unique story!

5 steps to give your bedroom that 2019 update with just a few key artisan made goods.

To get you started, we styled this bedroom in 5 steps, focusing on a few key artisan made goods. The results are in and we couldn’t be happier with this look - a bedroom design that could be yours with just a few key pieces.

1. Choose a base color for your bed linens

The first step is all about choosing the base color for your bed. Grey bed linens are season-less and easy to style with throw pillows in many combinations of colors throughout the year. If you decide on linen fabric not only are you making an eco friendly choice, but your bedding will get softer and softer with time.


2. Choose a pillow theme

Choose one throw pillow theme for each season for a super quick update to your space. We chose a floral themed set of throw pillows to take us from winter into spring. Depending on the season mix in a different solid color background pillow with the timeless motifs of the hand embroidered pieces. Play with different sizes for a well-proportioned look. Let the artisan made pieces reflect your personality! They will be sure to add depth and texture to the character of your space.




Another set of pillows you could group together are these below. They could be used to update the space when spring comes around!  



3. Add a hand woven throw for cooler evenings

In these last few months before Spring arrives there are still many chilly nights ahead. Our hand woven yak wool throw blanket is one of the softest things you will ever touch.  Use it to wrap around you as you cuddle up with a good book, as an extra layer, and of course as a decorative element at the foot of the bed during the day.


4. Add a few key textured pieces

Play with additional elements such as textured baskets and vases. We added a few of our hand crocheted banana fiber baskets to this space. Made from hand rolled banana fiber rope these baskets are not only unique but practical. They can be used as storage pieces, as a laundry basket or as a planter. Plants too are an easy way to add color to your space and not only that, they bring nature inside and help keep the air clean and healthy for a good night's sleep.



5. Add a soft rug

As a finishing touch add a rug to the room. Whether at the end of your bed or to the side you will love to step on this luxuriously soft hand woven flat weave wool rug when you first get up in the morning. Pictured here is our Sir Lowry's Rug, hand woven by artisans in South Africa.

You can’t go wrong with these key handcrafted pieces in creating your timeless bedroom look. Not only will you have a beautifully styled space, but you will go to sleep and wake up knowing that each piece comes with its own unique story!