A Bedroom Refresh with our Handcrafted Goods

May 29, 2017

Neutral color throw pillows and baskets for the bedroom from artha collections


Making their way all the way from a small village in southern India, our new embroidered textile throw pillow collection is here and we couldn’t be more excited. We kept it simple this time around - two sizes, two colors. We named these cream linen pillows Adi and Adya which derive from the Sanskrit words for "the first".

The bold triangular hand embroidered designs on these decorative pillows were made using a traditional chain stitch  and stand out just enough to add incredible texture to the crisp cream linen base. Whether on your sofa, on your bed or on your favorite chair, these pieces are great for an ultimate refresh.

We took a go at styling our new pillows together with a selection of our other handcrafted goods – hygge styling with with natural elements and textures for your home!


Cream linen throw pillows for the bedroom from Artha Collections


As shown here two different sized pillows create depth and give you different styling options. Used alone or in combination the choice is yours.  Rectangular shaped pillows are great for back support in a number of situations and in the bedroom are a comfortable option to prop yourself up when reading in bed.  


Bedroom decor ideas from Artha Collections


We added more texture and natural elements with banana fiber storage baskets.  These sturdy hand crocheted pieces come in a variety of useful sizes and are a great option for storing throw pillows when they're not on your bed!



A soft, handwoven wool rug in a timeless Arrow design rounds out the space and adds extra warmth and coziness.  Sink your toes onto a plush rug first thing in the morning! Woven from the wool of the hardy Karakul sheep these flat weave, reversible rugs are a great choice for your bedroom or indeed any room in your home.